Greenfield International Technologies

We offer a helping hand to firms who are looking for experience and competency from an IT/Telecommunication Company.  Greenfield International Technologies Inc provides service and support in Telecommunication space that is becoming more crowded every day with competition.

Professional Services


Greenfield International Technologies Inc is a full-service systems integrator with partnerships with a wide variety of technology manufacturers and providers.  Proposals are custom designed to match your company’s project needs.


Greenfield International Technologies Inc consults and provides custom solutions as well as implementation services.


Greenfield International’s Professional Services Highlights:

  •       Telecommunications Services.
  •       Uplifts
  •       Antenna and Radios Installation
  •       Cell Site Installation & Commissioning
  •       Microwave installation
  •       2 to 4 hours of Emergency Service Response times—or customizable
  •       Non-Emergency Response – Next Business Day
  •       Time & Materials Options